Citizen Journalism: Timely, Simple, Empowering

Photo by David Sarkisov on Unsplash

Journalism has evolved through the years. It started from the Acta Diurna to broadcast, and now citizen journalism. But what is it with citizen journalism that makes it unique and special?

Information is the lifeblood of journalism. Without it, awareness and progress are hard to attain. Before the internet and modern technology that we have, the news was challenging to acquire. With citizen journalism, news and information are easier to reach through the internet.

Compared to the conventional medium of journalism, citizen journalism is immediate and more convenient. With only the use of a mobile phone, anyone can post news bites. It is very simple that even an 8-year-old girl in Palestine could deliver their stories online.

Citizen journalism is not just about its timeliness and simplicity, but its significance is more apparent to empowerment; it renders people the ability to share their voice or be critical regarding local and global issues. With this capability, everyone can work together and create social change.

Without a doubt, citizen journalism and modern technology have empowered us with our access to information. But, there are still those who try to abuse these advantages to misguide people. Which, we should consider it a challenge for us to be more critical in finding the truth, and create the unique future we desire.



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