Internship Essentials for Communication Students

John Emerson Dona
2 min readJul 8, 2023
Slide from Podcast Network Asia (PNA) Interns Sales Department

An internship is a student’s training for the real world. It is when all the theories and experience in the university get to be used hands-on. But despite being equipped with knowledge and experience, there are always things that must be carried out to have a fun, sustainable and successful internship.

A few days ago, we had our Senior Moments, wherein the program's graduating students got to talk and share their experiences, tips, and memories during their internship program. But among all the speakers, what stuck to me the most are these three tips from Andrea, one of the former Podcast Network Asia interns, which are Just Ask, Understand the product, and Be quick. Let’s break it down from here.

Just Ask

I like this tip as it is simple yet vital in every work environment, but not everybody does this. Despite sounding easy, many of us Gen Z forget or are challenged to do this. Yet, this provides a perspective that, no matter how overwhelming work or life could be, a request for help can lighten the weight of our bubble.

Understand the Product

Many fall into the trap of putting their preferences first in the workplace, and it is not always like that in the real world. Sometimes we will be asked to do things that oppose our style, but we must comply because it must be the organization whom we should put first before ourselves. As Communication students, we must remember to understand the needs and risks before we put our preferences as they may pose consequences that may greatly affect the company, our lives, our career, and our relationships.
With this in mind, we can continue the mission and advocacy of our organization without unnecessary struggles.

Be quick

With the emergence of numerous artificial intelligence products, this tip is relevant to communication students and aspiring professionals. If we fail to compete with these innovations and do not improve our competence and productivity, our future will surely turn dire. These challenges are apparent, but we can always take one step at a time and sharpen our skills before we dive into the real world.

If we manage to carry these internship essentials throughout the year, it will not be long before we find opportunities that are sustainable for our growth as a professional, part of society, and most importantly, as humans. One day it will be our turn to inspire, educate, and welcome aspiring professionals to reach their dreams. We must remember never to stop, take breaks, and be kind because character matters most.



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