Into the Unknown

Journalism Skills (Blog Entry №1)

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A man who doesn’t know his passion found his light in journalism. Atom Araullo is the person who took a leap of faith into the unknown before his current status of being significant and well-known. In his younger years, he was involved in sports, theater, and showbiz. He also graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with his Bachelor’s degree in Physics. An activist as he was, he eventually applied as a journalist while he was on hiatus, thus the genesis of his prominence in media.
Atom Araullo’s uncommon journey to his career was not the only reason for his fame. He also brought new colors to storytelling from his perspective as a young, active, and versatile journalist. That contribution led him to more opportunities in the field of documentary.

His documentaries gave me a broader and critical perspective about society and the environment, and also highlighted the significance of storytelling for social awareness. Since then, my interest in storytelling grew larger. Similar to Atom Araullo, I also took a leap of faith enrolling in my current university with my current program. Although Communication was not my primary choice, I can still bring new light to this field. I may not currently be the most skilled person in this field, and I may fail numerous times, but I as long as I am well-aware and continuously learning, it is never impossible for me to reach the finish line of this marathon.



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John Emerson Dona

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